Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Man who will be our Next Governor: The Philosophical Lens. Part 1 - By Isiaka Kehinde

 Competence should be qualification for authority. The ruler should be he who has peculiar ability to fulfill that function. - Plato.

Incidentally, those people whose names crest the list of aspirants for the governorship position under PDP in Oyo state are all familiar to me like duck to water. They are all my brothers and leaders. And truth be told,  this is one time that my emotional intelligence can not suffice to narrow down my selective disposition. However,  I need no crystal ball to know that not all of them have what it takes to lead the state out of its present statis position, hence, their best, saying some of them, may not be good enough. I kid you not, if we fail in our search, we are all going to be victims. 

It may not be as clear as bright day devoid of wild south wind to point out who the next governor will be, let's leave that to Providence. However, it is rational to identify those who can only end their aspiration inside the comfort of their living  rooms. The saying by Eugone Wares that "fortune favours who dares" does not apply in politics. It is a matter of self-interest to some people. Can you blame them? Self interest, as Eric Beinhocker, the author of "Origin of wealth" says, "is every individual's inalienable right". Thank God that in democracy, self interest not backed by people's nod, is a forlorn hope . 

Foremost, we need to jettison sentiments and put on our thinking caps and in the words of President Trump "think big, dream bigger". As he aptly said "we would no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action. The time for empty talk is over".

We, to get the desired result, must act like platonic realists, who don't just accept anything that has not proved itself or that was merely thrust upon them. To them, the truth of  the statement of the form of  XYZ  can hold only, if we can prove X, prove Y, and prove Z. 

A state is a reflection of the nature of  individuals that it is made of. We don't demand just a prince that is so anointed by a larger than life authority-speaking, political "king". We need a prince who is shrewd enough to have his own mind working full blast unaided. That's the moral  of opening this piece with that memorable quote by Plato.

On the other hand, We demand a level playing field, for the aspirants to show us what they have up their sleeves. As the great Boethius captures it "do not look for violets in purple meadows when fields are blasted by winter winds". The ground must be flat without any banana peels.

We need a man who is only in politics to find his passion who has what in theology of existentialism is called "a deep and abiding commitment of the heart". The era of settling for what is available instead of what is desirable is gone for good, using   Ike Odimegu's voice .

We need a man who is a master of himself, who is not burdened by fears and desires.  As a sage says, "ravenous greed would devour everything and then discover other wants"  .

Integrity matters in our operations.  Without integrity, nothing else matters says Allan Simpson. A leader who in moral value judgement stands like a rock should Top our preference.

The final word and most germane - is he a man of the people? Here, we should place people's interests above party. This is the theory of common perspective. Elections, according to Abraham Lincoln belong to the people. It is their decision. 

What matters are marketability, reliability  and sellability value of whoever ultimately clinch party ticket. People, (the silent majority) not only party leaders determine  elections. Do you have anyone in mind?  Please argue with facts and not friction.

On a final note, Thomas Leslie Jones says that "equation of truth when in the context of communication amongst minds is very complex". The points in this piece represent my personal opinion without being sophistical. If you disagree, you are entitled to form your own opinion.

Watch out for part 2.
Enjoy your weekend folks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Senator Ladoja in Ethical Dilemma by Alh Isiaka Kehinde

"You must have it in mind that anyone else involved in your decision has a right of their own" - Immanuel Kant.

When I read the passionate appeal made by Engr Seyi Makinde to Senator Ladoja not to exit PDP,  the first thing that crossed my mind was Bernard Joinet,  who said "of all three basic elements of democracy: Liberty, Equality and Dialogue, the most supreme is dialogue". Because, no one can clap with one hand,  I think, OYO State PDP stakeholders should never dream of going for destructionist approach of smothering a party they struggled to rebuild. My take - Senator Ladoja should still hang around so that the party will not hang itself. 

When Senator Markafi led caretaker committee waved it's olive branch to the leaders of PDP who had jumped ship to come back, some people felt, it was a mere contraption of an insipid calm sea which invites sailors to a voyage only to terrify them in the middle of the sail. Has recent unfolding events in PDP not proved those cynics right?

Arguably, before Senator Ladoja would ever conceived the idea of leaving PDP, he must have ruminated over it and found it to be a deep seated pain which he could no longer bear. Every moral being at one time or the other finds himself in this situation of choosing between devil and a deep blue sea. In philosophy, this is called "ethical dilemma".

In the present situation, it is best for Senator lLadoja to take a decision that can gratify his interest, rather, he should consider "common good". He should learn wisdom in the words of utilitarian philosophers that "the moral worth of an action is measured by its usefulness to the generality of the people. He should also read the 33 strategies of war to know that,  "in a battle, your enemies will relish your failures, therefore, use that as a pressure to fight harder". In this case, we all know those lurking around to 'mock" Baba Ladoja should PDP fails to wrestle power from the incumbent.

With the gravitas of his position in the party as a reinforcing element, the high Chief should know that any action he takes can only be ethically right if it does not violates the rights of others. Has he bothered to sample opinions of cross section of his followers if they are willing to move out of PDP? Here again, I will refer our esteemed Osi Olubadan to borrow the counsel of Mark Twain "when you are on the side of the majority, always pause and reflect before you take any action."

At this defining moment, Senator Ladoja should call all the governorship aspirants together in a room and allow them to do a SWOT analysis of themselves to know where they can be properly situated. It will be ludicrous to give ticket to whoever can't win even his immediate constituency. More so, we can only have one person to occupy One seat, no matter how covetous the seat is.

If this attempt ends in a fiasco, he should give room for an open, credible and acceptable primaries where the aspirants will flaunt the cards. In their sleeves and  only he who gets the majority nod grabs the ticket. 
By so doing, he would have been that "great star" in the words of Nietzsche.

Any other step aside the foregoing will be flat out wrong. My candid opinion. God bless you sir.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hope Alive for 100 Victimised Women in Ibadan

By: Initiative Against Gender Discrimination and Female Abuse

Help us keep hope alive, project to empower 100 victimised women (victim of domestic violence and single mothers) in Ibadan to be self-reliant, Ibadan is the largest ancient city in Nigeria, had been the centre of administration of the old western region since the days of the British colonial rule, women shoulder 2/3 of the world's problem and that's why we are giving our nurturing supports to the victimised women to be mentored by experts in diverse fields such as: fashion designing and hair making


Ibadan is the largest ancient city in Nigeria, had been the centre of administration of the old western region since the days of the British colonial rule, most of the victims of domestic violence are those that are lacking in vocational training and capacity building if not educated and also early marriage and sexual education are the cause of these problem. Findings have shown that 2/3 of the women in this community, they shoulder the responsibilities of their kids after leaving their abuser.


Solution hope alive, a project to empower 100 victimised women (victim of domestic violence and single mothers) in ibadan, Nigeria, to be self reliant. Helping victims of circumstances with poor or no orientation about choices they have in the diversification created by life's opportunities i e they would be mentored and trained by experts in diverse fields, vocational training such as hair making, fashion designing, craft/design, ICT, etc.

Long-Term Impact

This project will bring the women out of the stagnation caused by abuse for both young and old, this also gives an idea to prolonged economic advancement for the community by pruning unemployment rate in the city by half as each of the participants will train another over 200 and will help the community in capacity building to achieve sustainable development and to end Domestic Violence in our society. This will also help to them to take care of their kids and well being without any fear.



Sunday, March 11, 2018


Bayo Adelabu through his blossoming NGO, Bayo Adelabu Foundation, BAF has announced the call for entries for the 2018 edition of its annual Essay competition. The winners of the competition will be announced and awarded at the Bayo Adelabu Easter Party with Students of Tertiary Instititutions which is  scheduled to hold at Bayo Adelabu Foundation's House, Jericho Area, lbadan on Sunday, 01 April 2019.

The essay competition which is organised exclusively for students of Oyo State origin is part of Bayo Adelabu Foundation's Educational initiative to promote reading culture and encourage socio-political awareness and intellectual development amongst students of public higher institutions in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The founder of  BAF, Adebayo Adelabu 'Penkelemesi', who announced the call for entries said the Essay Competition will provide an opportunity for the progressive students across the institutions in Oyo state to contribute their quota, and also to  offer a workable model to revamp and sustain the current transformation going on in Oyo state. This will also enhance sustainable development, accountability and inclusiveness in all facets of governance through strong policy, institutions and programs.

Strong Policy, programs and Institutions are factors that need to be looked into in achieving inclusive development pointed out above for the benefits of common man and society as a whole.

The topic for the essay is:


It should be an essay of about 500-700 words, with 1.5 line space of about 12fonts of Time News Roman.

It should clearly and concisely enumerate the problems limiting overall development in Oyo State, reasons why the few economic breakthrough is not reaching the common man, identifying the possible way out of this dilemma, using the government, businesses and individuals as the basis of analysis.


*Deadline: 22nd March, 2018*

All entries should be sent by email to:

For Enquiries: 08022042254, 08038237429

Thursday, February 22, 2018

JCI Oluyole: Oyo Clean-Up Campaign

JCI Oluyole, Let's Do it! Nigeria, Oyo Military and others unite efforts for Oyo Cleanup Project

This landmark event is coming up on Saturday, February 24th, 2018; Oyo, Nigeria

JCI Oluyole Statement reads:

"2018 is the year of the biggest civic action in the World. On 15th of September 2018; millions of volunteers around the globe will come together and clean up millions of tons of trash – it is the World Cleanup Day 2018. For the first time, Nigeria will be a part of this global movement by joining over 150 other countries and 20 million citizens around the globe to organize a national cleanup in all the 36 states of the Federation on a single day.

One thing that Oyo State was known for from time immemorial was its dirty state, due to its poor refuse management. The refuse was so overwhelming that the ancient city was labeled one of the dirtiest in Nigeria and Africa. Anywhere one turned to, expressways, major roads, feeder roads, residential areas were overrun with notorious heaps of refuse. It was so bad that the first thing to be noted by strangers on entering the city even at the major motor parks in tollgate, Iwo Road, and Ojoo were annoying stinking refuse.

As a build up to the World Cleanup Day; JCI Oluyole will organize a pilot cleanup exercise on February 24th, 2018 in Oyo State - an inland state in the south-western Nigeria. The cleanup exercise would be carried out in collaboration with Let's Do it! Nigeria (LDIN); Oyo state solid waste Management Agency; Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp; Civil -Military Relationship department of the Nigeria Army Force Adekunle Fajuyi Cantonment, Ojo Ibadan.

According to the 2018 JCI Oluyole President, Kodaolu Oluwasola Abiodun,
“We are approaching the raining season and there is a need to sensitize people on the dangers improper wastes management can cause in the country; starting from the outbreak of diseases to the incessant flooding as a result of blocked drainages experienced in some part of the country. JCI Oluyole will advocate for proper waste management in the state; that will focus on discouraging littering and preach more about recycling.”

The project is scheduled to commence by 6:30am on February 24th, 2018 and the starting point is from Oja Oba, Ibadan. 

World Cleanup Day is a wakeup call for everyone in the whole world. It is an opportunity to showcase how young people can take action towards making our environment better.”

This  CLEAN UP exercise tagged "Let’s Do it Campaign, Let’s Do It! Is not only about cleaning up waste, We as JCI Oluyole members intend to unite and Partner with other Civic, Private and government Organizations  as well as the media in our community to raise awareness and Implement true change to achieve a clean and healthy Society and to greater extent a  clean and healthy Nigeria, The fact is, waste has a nasty little habit of not staying in one place, as trash begins to decompose, harmful chemicals and toxins begin to leak. First, into the soil, then spread into water and air-the very two important things we all depend on for a healthy life, Drinking dirty waters, Spreading diseases, red flag air pollution days…these are all related in some ways to the waste we produce and we fail to properly dispose, The amount of waste that has been wrongly and awkwardly disposed around our market Places and on some of our Road median in Ibadan calls for the immediate actions of concerned citizens in the society like members of the Junior Chamber International Oluyole

For more information about the campaign, kindly visit: and

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My Re-endorsement of Bayo Adelabu Penkelemesi Oyo 2019 Project

Many might observe that recently I have soft pedalled on the chant for a youthful regime through Adebayo Adelabu, the grandson of the renowned Ibadan politician and great nationalist, Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi, this is not because there has been a change of mind but to critically reevaluate our position and possibly a rethink of base of flight. This has been ongoing for a while, I have given it a deeper than usual thought, I have absorbed the prospect of other aspirants and weighed the chances of them performing better, I have juxtaposed their noble intent and novel aspiration with the salient need of the people of our dear state and found them no where close to Bayo Adelabu Penkelemesi.

In these periods of careful diagnosis, I have come across many views and opinions, posts and comments ventilating their presentation of support for their revered choice for Oyo 2019. Many have made a brave attempt to sell their candidates philanthropic gestures while a host of others would rather attempt to force down your throat their prejudice argument for their candidate hence adumbrating the true essence of democracy. However, none have successfully been able to streamline their preferred candidate's antecedents with respect to how they will benefit their social environment and in the process aerate their economic blueprint, record of financial dexterity and management of previous offices along with their record of successes in their field of profession.

It far supersedes the usual chant praises of a glorified master on physical mode basis or via social media but exemplifying the true character adorned to deliver on re-engineering the anomalies in our porous system, alleviating poverty and subsequently elevating the standard of living of the people of Oyo state.

These are by no way an end in itself but a mean to an end and it is noteworthy to mention that the aforementioned modalities can also be carefully researched and broadcasted through the media as suggested by any fool planning to be in government but exhibiting the traits and innate creed to carry out these functions requires just more than the usual rhetorics. The desire to channel our bountiful state resources to a rapid socioeconomic growth deserves to be handed to the right hand and none other is most capable than Oloye Adebayo Adelabu, the Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadanland, the grandson of Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi, the scion of the Adelabu dynasty. #TeamPenkelemesi #Oyo2019

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

IPOB Alleged Threat to Kill Buhari (Video)

The Indigenous People of Biafra were reportedly said to have released a video where they have come out directly and threatened to kill the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

The president who is presently on a two day work visit to the Igbolands, is said to be at Abakaliki in Ebonyi state as at filing this report.

The IPOB members who were carefully masked and disguised in the video threatened the president and alleged further on his visit as mockery to the dead and they vowed that he'll not leave their land alive.

Below is the video

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Conspiracy Theory Against Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi

Reuben Abati back in 2008 remarked on the deliberate conspiracy plot to obliterate Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi from history

"The deliberate attempt to forget Adelabu and erase his value is part of the collateral damage of the politics of acrimony that dominated Yorubaland for more than 50 years, and a national culture of selective remembrance".
"But recently" he continued "there have been attempts to revive the memory of this forgotten nationalist".

But this theory of historical intrigue seems to be continual and largely transferred on the subject only, but then fate chose with a dissipated lot when he selected between him and his direct counterpart. But his character and style was a envy of many. No doubt he was the brightest. He wore the dermis and garb of the common man, he empathized every impoverished woes and pains.

His thoughts on education still echoes in this present age in his master piece "Africa in Ebullition and Selected Speeches". He propounded a massive System of Education for the Masses that should be likened to the European countries despite constraints forbidding. He was a staunch proponent for a compulsory and free primary education from the age of five, he also believed it will free us from the scandalous spectacle of child labour.
How then will these invaluable efforts be gravely undermined in our study of history today, how can we proclaim publicly that this person antagonised a campaign for the stable foundation of education in the south west of Nigeria. A man who advocated for at least 50% of schools to be built in the rural areas. It's contradictory isn't it? He was a man of honour, a true nationalist and men of honour do not stand against their own words or what they stand for. I strongly believe he could not have utter those comments, grossly misconstrued, misrepresentation or misinterpretation.

He had vision, a distinct preference and respect for teachers where he proposed a higher percentage bonus over a similar man with equal qualifications but practicing other jobs and this is plainly because he valued the time, devotion and lifestyle of teachers. His audible decibel of resolute and eloquent rhetorics largely swayed at the hem of the low and penurious is an unflinching emblem of his pugnacity and support for the common man.

No legacy is so rich as honesty. William Shakespeare

Friday, June 23, 2017

Even 9ice Got it Wrong

In relation to the song by the Gongo Aso crooner, 9ice whose song has once again cooked a parlance to revitalize his street credibility with the popular Yoruba proverb 'olé lo b'òmóje, kin sa ti lowo' (money by fire by force creed except for stealing/theft) phrase in his living things track, which many classify as the new scam anthem (yahoo anthem).

Contrary to his perceived perception and the conventional outdated believe that stealing is the only crime any person can commit that may permanently defile the reputation culled overtime, the Nigerian concept has rebranded the whole ethical narrative where stealing conventionally tarnishes one's image completely in the past. This I must say is very unlikely in this present state, where criminals become the godfathers, role models and our pacesetters in the political arena.

It is simply what the world has metamorphosed into, we don some level of unquantifiable regard for looters and glorified criminals who have milked dry our national resources, yet we choose to believe we are ploughing the safe route for national redemption. Quite unlikely.

Sadly that's the modern day society we now dwell, where even stealing and corrupting is canonized across the galleries. More recently, a notorious kidnapper, Evans, garnered many sympathetic messages across the social media probably due to his kind gestures across his immediate society and people at large, but notwithstanding it's all a case of rallying facts to suit sentiments.

It is a shame how this aptly define the society we now find ourselves and Mr Abolore Adigun Ajifolajifaola aka 9ice should be told that stealing and corrupting are the new peak in the society. The people will continue to think very highly of criminals so long they don't get caught. Nigeria; a nation that has sailed into a complete Ethical drift. But I'll say they should remember the popular police saying that: if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Obafemi Awolowo Speaks: Still Settling The Records Straight!

Obafemi Awolowo speaks:

Still Setting The Records Straight!


Moderator: Yes Mr…….Mr. Oparadike.

Question: Chief Awolowo, your stand on the civil war, however unpopular it may have been to the Biafran people…Your stand on the civil war, however unpopular it may have been to the Biafrans or Ibo people, helped to shorten the war. Today, you’re being cast as the sole enemy of the Ibo people because of that stand, by among others, some of the people who as members of the federal military government at that time, were party to that decision and are today, in some cases, inheritors of power in one Nigeria which that decision of yours helped to save. How do you feel being cast in this role, and what steps are you taking to endear yourself once again to that large chunk of Nigerians who feels embittered.

Awolowo: As far as I know, the Ibo masses are friendly to me, towards me. In fact, whenever I visit Iboland, either Anambra or Imo, and there’s no campaigning for elections on, the Ibo people receive me warmly and affectionately. But there are some elements in Iboland who believe that they can maintain their popularity only by denigrating me, and so they keep on telling lies against me. Ojukwu is one of them. I don’t want to mention the names of the others because they are still redeemable, but ….Ojukwu is irredeemable so I mention his name, and my attitude to these lies is one of indifference, I must confess to you.
I’ve learnt to rely completely on the providence and vindication of Almighty God in some of these things. I’ve tried to explain myself in the past, but these liars persist. Ojukwu had only recently told the same lie against me. What’s the point in correcting lies when people are determined to persist in telling lies against you, what’s the point. I know that someday the Ibos, the masses of the Ibo people will realize who their friends are, and who their real enemies are. And the day that happens woe betide those enemies. The Ibos will deal with them very roughly, very roughly.
That has happened in my life. I have a nickname now, if you see my letterhead you’ll find something on top, you’ll find a fish done on the letterhead. Some people put Lion on theirs, some people put Tiger, but mine is Fish. And Fish represents my zodiac sign, those of you who read the stars and so on in the newspapers; you’ll find out that there’s a zodiac sign known as pieces, in Latin pieces mean Fish.

So I put pieces on top, that’s my zodiac sign being born on the 6th of March,….er well, the year doesn’t matter, it’s the day that matter. And then on top of it I write Eebudola. All of you know the meaning of that. You know I don’t want to tell a long story but………………Awolowo school, omo Awolowo, the…… started in Urobo land, in mid-west in those days. They were ridiculing my schools, I was building schools –brick and cement, to dpc level, block to dpc level and mud thereafter. And so the big shots in the place..”ah what kind of school is this? is this Awolowo school? Useless school” and when they saw the children..”ah this Awolowo children, they can’t read and write, Awolowo children” that’s how it started, with ridicule, and it became blessing, and now they say “Awolowo children, they are good people” no more ridicule about it, that’s how it started, so the Eebu becomes honor, the abuse became honor.

And so when I look back to all my life, treasonable felony, jail, all the abuses that were heaped on me, to Coker Inquiry, all sorts, and I see what has happened to the people who led, who led all these denigration campaign, where are they today? Those that are alive are what I call Homo Mortuus- dead living, oku eniyan, that’s what they are, those that their lives have gone.

So when I look back, I come to the conclusion that all these abuses which have been heaped on me all my life for doing nothing, for doing good, they have become honor, and so Eebudola is one of my nicknames. So I’ve cultivated an attitude of indifference, I’ve done no evil to the Ibos.
During the war I saw to it that the revenue which was due to the Iboland- South Eastern states they call it, at that time..East Central State, I kept it, I saved the money for them. And when they ….was liberated I handed over the money to them- millions. If I’d decided to do so, I could have kept the money away from them and then when they took over I saw to it that subvention was given to them at the rate of 990,000 pounds every month. I didn’t go to the executive council to ask for support, or for approval because I knew if I went to the Executive Council at that time the subvention would not be approved because there were more enemies in the Executive Council for the Ibos than friends. And since I wasn’t going to take a percentage from what I was going to give them, and I knew I was doing what was right, I wanted the state to survive, I kept on giving the subvention – 990,000 almost a million, every month, and I did that for other states of course- South eastern state, North central state, Kwara and so on.

But I did that for the Ibos, and when the war was over, I saw to it that the ACB got three and a half million pounds to start with. This was distributed  immediately and I gave another sum of money. The attitude of the experts, officials at the time of the ACB was that ACB should be closed down, and I held the view you couldn’t close the ACB down because that is the bank that gives finance to the Ibo traders, and if you close it down they’ll find it difficult to revive or to survive. So it was given. I did the same thing for the Cooperative Bank of Eastern Nigeria, to rehabilitate all these places, and I saw to it as commissioner for finance that no obstacle was placed in the way of the ministry of economic planning in planning for rehabilitation of the war affected areas.


That’s what I did, and the case of the money they said was not given back to them, you know during the war all the pounds were looted, they printed Biafran currency notes, which they circulated, at the close of the war some people wanted their Biafran notes to be exchanged for them. Of course I couldn’t do that, if I did that the whole country would be bankrupt. We didn’t know about Biafran notes and we didn’t know on what basis they have printed them, so we refused the Biafran note, but I laid down the principle that all those who had savings in the banks on the eve of the declaration of the Biafran war or Biafra, will get their money back if they could satisfy us that they had the savings there, or the money there. Unfortunately, all the banks’s books had been burnt, and many of the people who had savings there didn’t have their saving books or their last statement of account, so a panel had to be set up.

I didn’t take part in setting up the panel, it was done by the Central bank and the pertinent officials of the ministry of finance, to look into the matter, and they went carefully into the matter, they took some months to do so, and then make some recommendation which I approved. Go to the archives, all I did was approve, I didn’t write anything more than that, I don’t even remember the name of any of them who took part. So I did everything in this world to assist our Ibo brothers and sisters during and after the war.

And anyone who goes back to look at my broadcast in August 1967, which dealt with post-war reconstruction would see what I said there.


Then, but above all, the ending of the war itself that I’m accused of, accused of starving the Ibos, I did nothing of the sort. You know, shortly after the liberation of these places, Calabar, Enugu and Port Harcourt, I decided to pay a visit. There are certain things which I knew which you don’t know, which I don’t want to say here now, when I write my reminisces in the future I will do so. Some of the soldiers were not truthful with us, they didn’t tell us correct stories and so on.

I wanted to be there and see things for myself, bear in mind that Gowon himself did not go there at that time, it was after the war was over that he dorn himself up in various military dresses- Air force dress, Army dress and so on, and went to the war torn areas. But I went and some people tried to frighten me out of my goal by saying that Adekunle was my enemy and he was going to see to it that I never return from the place, so I went.

But when I went what did I see? I saw the kwashiorkor victims. If you see a kwashiorkor victim you’ll never like war to be waged. Terrible sight, in Enugu, in Port Harcourt, not many in Calabar, but mainly in Enugu and Port Harcourt. Then I enquired what happened to the food we are sending to the civilians. We were sending food through the Red Cross, and CARITAS to them, but what happen was that the vehicles carrying the food were always ambushed by the soldiers. That’s what I discovered, and the food would then be taken to the soldiers to feed them, and so they were able to continue to fight. And I said that was a very dangerous policy, we didn’t intend the food for soldiers. But who will go behind the line to stop the soldiers from ambushing the vehicles that were carrying the food? And as long as soldiers were fed, the war will continue, and who’ll continue to suffer? and those who didn’t go to the place to see things as I did, you remember that all the big guns, all the soldiers in the Biafran army looked all well fed after the war, its only the mass of the people that suffered kwashiorkor.
You won’t hear of a single lawyer, a single doctor, a single architect, who suffered from kwashiorkor? None of their children either, so they waylaid the foods, they ambush the vehicles and took the foods to their friends and to their collaborators and to their children and the masses were suffering. So I decided to stop sending the food there. In the process the civilians would suffer, but the soldiers will suffer most.


And it is on record that Ojukwu admitted that two things defeated him in this war, that’s as at the day he left Biafra. He said one, the change of currency, he said that was the first thing that defeated him, and we did that to prevent Ojukwu taking the money which his soldiers has stolen from our Central bank for sale abroad to buy arms. We discovered he looted our Central bank in Benin, he looted the one in Port Harcourt, looted the one in Calabar and he was taking the currency notes abroad to sell to earn foreign exchange to buy arms.

So I decided to change the currency, and for your benefit, it can now be told the whole world, only Gowon knew the day before, the day before the change took place. I decided, only three of us knew before then- Isong now governor of Cross River, Attah and myself. It was a closely guarded secret, if any commissioner at the time say that he knew about it, he’s only boosting his own ego. Because once you tell someone, he’ll tell another person. So we refused to tell them and we changed the currency notes. So Ojukwu said the change in currency defeated him, and starvation of his soldiers also defeated him.

These were the two things that defeated Ojukwu. And, he reminds me, when you saw Ojukwu’s picture after the war, did he look like someone who’s not well fed? But he has been taking the food which we send to civilians, and so we stopped the food.


And then finally, I saw to it that the houses owned by the Ibos in Lagos and on this side, were kept for them. I had an estate agent friend who told me that one of them collected half a million pounds rent which has been kept for him. All his rent were collected, but since we didn’t seize their houses, he came back and collected half a million pounds.

So that is the position. I’m a friend of the Ibos and the mass of the Ibos are my friends, but there are certain elements who want to continue to deceive the Ibos by telling lies against me, and one day, they’ll discover and then that day will be terrible for those who have been telling the lies.

SOURCE: Nigeria Village Square.


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